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Results from latest research have made the wider public realise: Epigenetics is the decisive second factor influencing our health. What does that mean?

Currently, genetics is probably the most exciting scientific field and behind some very impressive success stories in the diagnosis of diseases and new therapeutic approaches.

Epigenetics is an emerging technology and tries to shed light on the following genetic phenomenon: how is it possible, that gene expression in genetically identical cells can differ to such a surprisingly great extent?

Imagine the following: our genetic code, that means the particular sequence of bases in our DNA, determines all aspects of what we are, our intelligence, susceptibility to diseases and our looks. The genome is like a dictionary containing the complete inheritable information of each individual organism and is located in the nucleus of all cells. Next to DNA, epigenetics can be viewed as the critical “second code”: of our existing 23.000 genes only 50% are active at any one time and it is the epigenome that controls which genes are switched on or off.

Just like a conductor leads his orchestra, the epigenome controls how a genome is used and is thereby responsible for the regulation of an organism, determining health or disease. Our genes are capable of adapting to new conditions and what impact they have is affected by external influences

such as diet, behaviour or sociocultural environment. In many cases, it is our own behaviour that determines to which extent we can protect our health.

With increasing age the level of ademetionine decreases. Ademetionine is the third most common substance found in our body and is responsible for sufficient DNA methylation at the gene location of MaoB (monoamine oxidase B). An adequate level of ademetionine can silence the expression of MaoB.

MaoB activity is strongly influenced by lifestyle factors: an unbalanced diet, excessive alcohol consumption and smoking, all these increase in the concentration of this degradation enzyme. If taken on a regular basis, NUGENIS products can prevent the harmful effects of the MaoB enzyme.

This means protection in an all-natural way and carries with it a variety of other advantages for our body.

NUGENIS – Touchpoint Epigenetics – Epigenetic solutions for your health.

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